Deferred payment of dues

Members can pay their dues later with “no credit card required”. No collection is required.

Enables post-payment of membership fees. Contributes to higher payment rates.
Members can pay membership fee later.
After the credit check is approved and the procedure is completed, Net Protections will make 100% of the payment on behalf of the member, so there is no need for the operator to collect the membership fee.

The maximum amount that can be used is 54,000 yen (tax included).
Once the maximum amount has been reached, customers can use the deferred payment service again by paying the amount used.

Billing, payment collection, credit checks, and other operations are handled on behalf of the customer, reducing the operator’s workload.

Increased subscription rates can be expected.
BNPL can be used by customers who do not have a credit card or who are not comfortable entering credit card information on the web, and is expected to increase the subscription rate.

In addition, since members can make payments without entering long card numbers like credit cards, it is expected to reduce withdrawal from the purchase process and improve the purchase rate via smartphones.