Automatically settle monthly dues using a credit card


The administrator automatically collects the membership fee from the member’s credit card on a specified cycle.


The administrator can freely set the membership fee collection cycle, such as “¥4,000/month” or “¥800/week. A trial period can also be flexibly set, such as “free for the first week after enrollment, then ¥4,000/month after that.

Automatic payment. There is no need for complicated operations.


If there is a problem with a member’s credit card and the membership fee cannot be collected, the member is automatically transferred from a paid membership to a free membership. (Development and implementation as an initial requirement)


Membership ranks can be set freely and easily from the administration screen, for example, “Silver membership is ¥4,000/month” or “Gold membership is ¥2,000 for the initial subscription fee + ¥6,000/week”. An unlimited number of membership ranks can be created.


The system also has a wide range of initial requirements (e.g., implementation of an unsubscribe button on the administration screen) to accommodate situations unique to the Membership Website.

We can also implement HTTPS communication using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). *Member rank setting is included in the automatic membership fee payment system.



Support for Various Membership Fee Payment Methods


Administrators can receive membership dues in a variety of ways, including PayPal/Stripe, which makes it easy to receive dues even if you are not a licensed corporation. Of course, you can also build your own payment system if your budget allows.

You can flexibly change the system as your MembershipWebsite and business grows.


If you sign a contract with a payment agency, you can charge directly to your members’ credit cards.

The payment system we create, one of the most important elements of MembershipWebsite operation, does not depend on a single platform.



If you sign a corporate contract, you can also use carrier payment. Users can pay their membership fees together with their cell phone bills.


Continuous automatic monthly collection of membership dues


Once a MembershipWebsite user registers a credit card, the membership fee is automatically deducted every month until the user withdraws from the membership.


In addition, a function to prevent multiple logins byhe administrator automatically collects the membership fee from the member’s credit card on a specified cycle.

Various initial requirements

We will implement all the required systems obtained from actual interviews with Membership Website operators as initial functions.

The following are some of the settings that can be changed by the administrator with no code from the administration screen.


Minimum subscription period settings for each payment plan.

During the minimum subscription period, cancellation of subscriptions and payments will not be allowed.


Add the ability to show/hide the member rank payment button and issue a link to the payment.

Allows administrator to issue a link to payment for specific user’s subscription if it is hidden.

It will be possible to issue a link for settlement (enrollment) and send it to a member and have only that person enroll in the settlement and membership rank.


Add a function to send an e-mail to each member rank Fat days before the end of the membership.

(Number of days, subject of the e-mail, and body of the e-mail)

Default settings

Number of days: 1 month

Subject: 1 month before the end of membership

Mail body: {Member rank} 1 month before the end of the membership.


Conditions for displaying the payment button

Member rank…Only members of the checked member rank can access the payment page, the payment button will be displayed and they can make a payment and subscribe.

Fat day before expiration date…After the expiration date specified for each membership rank is fat day before, the payment button will be displayed when accessing the payment page, and payment and subscription can be made.


Membership Fee Coupon

Discount coupons (alphanumeric codes) can be issued for discounted membership.


There are a variety of other initial requirements.

There are no unnecessary functions because only the functions that are actually needed are included, not those that we have invented.

Administrators can change settings at any time from the administration screen with no code

Even if you are not an IT expert, you can change the payment settings at any time with no code.


Even if you don’t know how to set up the settings, you can always get support from our free after-sales support.

The setup screen includes links and input examples to make it easy to set up.


As an example, you can set up a plan without requesting us to do it each time.


Create a settlement plan with no enrollment fee. Create a payment plan without admission fee, embed it in the members-only page, and send an e-mail to a limited number of members, effectively making it free of admission fee.


This can be done.


We can determine and propose the optimal membership fee based on the following conditions. If there is no problem, we will set it as it is.

For businesses that are unsure of the appropriate membership fee, we can assess your situation and propose an appropriate fee.


  1. whether you are completely new or have existing clients
  2. whether the main focus is on collecting membership fees, or whether the priority is to attract customers and make them potential customers for another business of your own
  3. whether you are a corporation, sole proprietorship, or individual
  4. whether you are subject to sales tax

    5. If you are not sure whether your company or yourself is subject to sales tax, please contact us.(If you are not sure whether your company is subject to sales tax, please contact us.)

  1. what content you plan to provide (if any)
  2. whether you are planning to offer any discounts for collective payment (e.g., annual payment)
  3. whether you plan to vary the membership fee depending on the conditions and services provided


We will confirm these and other factors during the period between receipt of the quotation and placing of the order, and propose the most appropriate membership fee.

The proposed membership fee can be set as is.

It is also possible for the business to modify it later as appropriate.


Unique requirements can be implemented

The automatic membership fee payment system is an important system that forms the core of the Membership Website

For example, “I want to extend the free membership period for X days by having members enter a coupon code issued by the administrator from the paid membership rank enrollment page.

I would like to be billed for both the annual and monthly membership fees (if the annual fee is 10,000 yen and the monthly fee is 2,000 yen, I would be billed 10,000 yen + (2,000 yen x 12 months) = 34,000 yen in total over the course of a year).

We would like to vary the monthly fee depending on the number of courses taken (9,800 yen per month for one course, 17,300 yen per month for two courses).

From detailed requirements such as


We want to incorporate and migrate the payment system that we have been using.

We can implement your unique requirements, from detailed requirements such as “17,300 yen per month for 2 subjects” (assuming LMS implementation) to large-scale specifications and projects such as “We want to incorporate and migrate our existing payment system.


Support for Various Membership Fee Payment Methods

Implementation of unique requirements for membership fee payment system (specification to view only videos delivered in the month in which payment is made)

Unique requirements can be implemented (2)

Unique specifications can be developed in an interactive manner.


(Example of requirement)

Would like the specification to allow me to view only the videos delivered in the month in which I am paying.


Also, would like to be able to view the videos for the period of payment while a member, even if the plan is changed.


Would like to be able to view past postings even if I am a new member or a re-member.


(Example of response)

A new check item has been added to the content restriction settings for video submissions on the administration page.


When checking the above, the date of publication is compared with the member’s joining date, and if a member joins after the date of publication, he/she will not be able to view the videos.


Please feel free to contact us.

We can realize any kind of specifications.