Automatic Membership Management

Enables a significant reduction in the burden on administrators caused by managing an unspecified number of members.
(As an initial requirement, it comes standard with all development services.)

Automatic member management
Enables a significant reduction in the burden on the administrator of managing a large number of unspecified members.
One of the most common comments we received from prospective developers was that “it seems too much work to manage an unspecified number of members.

Therefore, we, a company specializing in development services, have embarked on the development of a system to manage members automatically and easily.
From March 3, 2022, we have implemented a system that reduces the complexity of member management tasks in all development work as a standard feature.

Registration and management of member registration and payment information
Change of membership rank (upgrade/downgrade)
Input of required information such as name and address
Customize profile pages (upload header images and register icons)
Communication with other members (when permitted by the administrator)
Reissue of password
Withdrawal from membership
Reporting violations
Deletion of payment information upon withdrawal from membership
Opening an online salon
Apply referral code

The system automatically manages these tasks by asking members to work on them as much as possible.
(The above is just one example of development.)
(The above is an example of development.) The system also automatically restricts banned words and restricts re-joining for a certain period of time after membership withdrawal.
(Functions and systems to be implemented vary depending on development requirements.)

We have been developing systems with “as much automation as possible” as our standard, but in these days when there is a shortage of in-house human resources, we will aim to further automate member management and reduce the burden on administrators by making full use of AI.