App release (AppStore/Android)

Membership Website will be available on AppStore for iPhone and Google PlayStore for Android.


Membership Website can be delivered as a native smartphone app.
We design all the buttons and screens for you.

After delivery as a website, we will convert it into an app and publish it on each platform.

Depending on your budget, we can flexibly handle D-U-N-S number acquisition on your behalf, Apple developer registration on your behalf, etc.

Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for the release of your app on the AppStore due to the review process required.
Please contact us for the possibility of passing the review, as it varies depending on the genre.
*Product and service names mentioned on this page are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies in Japan or other countries.

Leave everything from development to release and maintenance to us!
No complicated and difficult expertise or work is required.

Back and forward buttons (can be hidden)
Jump button to top page
Save login sessions
Receive and list push notifications. Receive and list push notifications, and display badges for unread notifications.
Handing over device IDs for push notifications to the login screen. Linking users to devices
Display of a configuration screen for categorizing and selecting push notifications to receive.

Please leave the definition of specific requirements such as the following to us.

We can also handle periodic maintenance and inspections after release.
Please consult with us about implementation of in-app billing, etc.

Flow of making an app(For AppStore)

Obtain an Apple ID for release
2. register as an Apple Developer
3. obtain a D-U-N-S number (required to enroll in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program (ADEP))
4. set up a Membership Website system
5. adjust settings for release (e.g., make phone numbers and other personal information optional) 6.
6. preparation of app icon, app name, test device UDID, etc. 7. test app development (buttons, etc.)
7. test app development (implementation of UI such as buttons, etc.)
8. app testing (using Deploygate, etc.) 9.
9. formulate information on privacy initiatives
10. application and review for AppStore publication
11. public release completion
12. ongoing development of additional requirements such as maintenance and in-app billing (if necessary)

As long as you provide us with an app name and app icon (1024PX * 1024PX), we can handle all of these tasks for you.
*1-3 can be omitted by publishing with our Apple ID.

We can also handle PWA conversion.
Releasing a native app to the AppStore requires screening, etc., and releasing a native app can cost a lot of money, but with PWA, development can be done from at least several tens of thousands of yen.