Ability to host member meetings

This system allows members to gather other members and spontaneously hold ZOOM meetings.

Reduces the burden on the administrator and activates the system.

Each member can host a Zoom meeting from his/her own page.

By allowing members to interact with each other spontaneously without the intervention of the administrator, it is possible to activate Membership Website while reducing the burden on the administrator in terms of content distribution.

Meetings can be started even if users do not have a ZOOM account.

You can also set whether or not to allow meetings to be distributed based on membership rank in the initial requirements.

Various initial requirements for ZOOM Meetings
Restrictions on distribution based on membership rank
You can set whether or not meetings can be held on ZOOM according to membership rank, such as “Only Gold members can deliver meetings on ZOOM” or “Delivery rank and Advanced rank members can deliver meetings on ZOOM.

Implementation of a distribution page
Implement a page where members can actually start a ZOOM meeting.

Automatic Email Sending to Invited Members
When a member is invited to a meeting, a URL to join the meeting will be sent to the member’s registered e-mail address.

Meeting management by administrator
The administrator can edit, delete, and confirm meetings created by the host from the administration screen.

Smartphone Support
The standard responsive design for distribution and meeting participation allows for use on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

In addition to these initial requirements, we can flexibly develop, design, implement, and provide operational support according to your requests, such as “We would like to collect fees from each member when holding meetings.

Various Configuration Items
Hosts can set the following items for their meetings.

Meeting title
Meeting description
Date and time
Meeting time (minutes)
Meeting password (optional)
Video on/off for host/other members
Audio on/off
Waiting room on/off
Member rank to invite
Members to invite (specified by individual user name)

In addition to these configurable items, we can flexibly develop, design, implement, and provide operational support according to your needs.

Of course, it is also possible to disable each of these functions or set an approval system, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Meeting launch restrictions based on member rank

Actual flow of a member distributing a meeting (example of construction)
1. access My Page where members can edit their own information
2. click the “ZOOM Delivery” button from My Page
3. an activation email is sent to the registered email address
4. access the URL in the activation email
5. the “Create Meeting” button will appear in your My Account, and you can create a meeting
6. when you invite a member to a meeting, an invitation email is sent to the member’s registered email address, and the member can join the meeting after the specified time. Reminders can be automatically sent to participants 1 day, 12 hours, 30 minutes, etc. before the meeting.

Development and implementation of proprietary flows and functions is also possible.
If you have your own unique requirements, please feel free to contact us.